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What is it ? ZioBlue is a black box about the size of a wallet. They are tough, small and portable. I/O has never been easier. Simply connect ZioBlue to any serial port (or USB with adaptor) on your computer and you're ready to go. ZioBlue is completely portable and will control your I/O from any PC with a serial port (RS232) capable of 19,200 baud. (or USB to RS232 adaptor ) Simply connect to your interface or project and your code is in control of your I/O.        

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ZioBlue finds it's place in applications such as education, engineering, robotics, remote monitoring, project development and diagnostics; virtually any application requiring I/O. ZioBlue will operate from any host computer or device with an RS232 ( or USB with RS232 adaptor) port capable of 19,200 baud.

Device I/O:
31 Digital I/O Lines. 8 Analog Input Channels.

Drive Capability:
Sink/Source = 25ma/25ma, port A, 4 = open drain. Analog: 8 Analog Channels 0-5 volt input.

We believe your electronics and programing knowledge should be actualized in the physical world. ZioBlue offers control and measurement of your technical world with a level of simplicity you've been waiting. Zio Blue has been designed for "operational reliability."   Zio Blue sports its own independent crystal controlled clock for very reliable communications and process timing. A blocking diode on input power. It's own five volt regulator and filtering. And the unregulated power is available on the output pins for your interface design convenience.        

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ZioBlue is Manufactured / Assembled in the United States