I.C.E. For your Thoughts

  Now you can create well organized,
  sequential pages with images on any subject..
  Share your thoughts with anyone.
  A great research or study platform.
  Data, Research, Instruction, Information, Record..
  Accessible from any browser based device.
  Includes: full featured image catalog.
  Cloud Software on your cloud!

I.C.E. For your Thoughts

We will install I.C.E on your host. I.C.E is open source CGI software.

Estuffx guaranty: Software will work as advertised or your money back.

We will install I.C.E in your yahoo domain. Painlessly, I promise

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I.C.E. is written in Perl, Note: I.C.E is an involved system of modern technologies. Please take your time in evaluating it. We will install I.C.E in your yahoo domain after purchase. If you don't yet have a yahoo site we can establish one for you. Please Post or email any question or concerns relating to Estuffx.net

I.C.E. For your Thoughts
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