Welcome to EstuffX.net

We will try to answer some of your questions here.

Q: There are a lot of web page and site builders available, what make Estuffx any different, why should I consider using it? Estuffx: It's true, there are many web page builders available. I suppose a comparison of features and infrastructures would be helpful in deciding which is right for you. The way I see it the web is a very large place, the stuff you are trying to sell or display can easily go un-noticed. Therefore a site builder that offers the most potential traffic and the maximum exposure is the way to go. EstuffX infrastructure includes not only your site and pages but is represented by EstuffX.net. Visitors might remember EstuffX as it will be repeated by all it's members. In addition Estuffx is designed to be independent of the normal sales media.. It's similar to Ebay in that it lists your stuff, but that's where the similarity ends. Estuffx exists on your site, creates pages on your site and is controlled by you. The intention of Estuffx is to free us from the big business sales sites. I mean why should they have all the fun just because they know JavaScript. Using Estuffx, anyone can control their own sales media.
Q: I see in the advertising no hassel. That's important to me. I don't what to be distracted from building and selling my product by having to learn to write HTML, CSS or JavaScript any others.. How have you addressed this no hassel statement? Estuffx: Thats a good question, I have talked to several people who wanted to get their stuff on the web. When asked if they were going to, they responded with a laundry list of things they had to do to make that happen. Estuffx was designed to make it easy for anyone to get their web site running. It can be a supplement to an existing site or a stand alone. We set up your site, you simply move in. It's kinda fun really!
Q: I don't have to buy anything else to get going? No, We set up an actual site for you. We trust Yahoo.com, so thats where we set it up. We assign the site name and move EstuffX script into it. Then we verify all is working correctly. At that point you simply start your web pages.
Q: Will EstuffX get me the sales I want. Estuffx: Oh! I'd love to be able to tell you "buy EstuffX and your worries are over" But that is not the case, most web sites are not visited unless directed to from somewhere else. In that sense you will always have to direct traffic to your site through word of mouth, email, literature, other advertising. The crowning concept here is that we have lots of web sites helping to spread the word about EstuffX. Web surfers will remember that name. E-stuff-X. See, you remember it already! Of course, web surfers will also find you directly through search engines just like other sites. Because each page you generate contains the stuff search engines look for.
Q: And you guaranty success? Well yes, I can guaranty that your site will function if we set it up, and that it will generate web pages and create invoices. I can guaranty that anyone can use it and you will be glad you are using it. These things I can guaranty.
Q: How should I manage my site to get the most traffic. Estuffx: There is a big answer to that question, It seems that some things sell better in spring than in winter. So, you might rotate your front page items every so often. I would also suggest that the pictures you upload be of the proper size and well lighted. It makes all the difference. Also, begin promoting your products or services in every way you can think of. Displays, trade shows etc. Every item page can be linked to from anywhere. That means one can design a fabulous front page or pages and allow Estuffx to handle the inventory sales. Estuffx can reside on a completely different server from your current web site and work just fine. You don't have to change from your current marketing plan just add to it.
Q: Where does the money go when something is sold? Estuffx: When you set up your site you are asked to enter an email address in "preferences and profile" when a site visitors checks out they are directed to your Paypal account to pay the invoice. In addition we can work with your current I.T. to help change the code to deposit directly to your merchant account. When your site is first setup the pay now button on the invoice directs the visitor to your Paypal account. Also, shopping cart displays three ways to pay. One is pay now. Also, you can send a link to your customers to pay later. both go to your Paypal account. and you send a link asking them to pay with check. So you can allow them to send a check.
Q: Can I select different kinds of pages. Estuffx: Yes. There are, at this writing, nine different page templates. Two are for information only. Each one uses database information so that you can change them as you wish and as often as you wish.
Q: I can edit my web pages? Estuffx: When you build a product page the data is stored in a database. This data is inserted into the product page as it is created, indexed by page name. The process of inserting data into a web page make it easy to update or edit a product page.
Q: How can I get my questions answered? Estuffx is part of a mission I call "Terraforming the Web" According to webster, terraforming loosely means: make a planet habitable. If you think about it, the most use the web gets, from the average surfer, is consuming content. Estuffx will allow more people to help form the web with organized content. To do that I must make sure people are comfortable using it. To answer your question, A member of Estuffx.net can email questions and requests directly to an Estuffx.net I.T.
Q: What's this search engine all about? Estuffx: A unique feature of EstuffX is, page content is stored in a text file database. All the items pages can be edited, indexed and searched. In fact the category buttons use this feature. And, item pages can be taken off-line and then put back on-line when the need arises. This feature also allows an item page to be changed with just a few clicks. For example, lets say you are on the phone with a customer and you agree to sell at a reduced price, this one time only. change the price for that item and ask your customer to refreash his browser and add to cart. then you can change the price back to what it was.
Q: How are you going to maintain the integrity of Estuffx? How will you protect us from users displaying undesirable content? Estuffx: There are some good questions here! The most intriguing aspect of Estuffx is Estuffx.net. We want to trust our members, Estuffx must maintain the integrity of it's trade name, a way to do that is to control it from a membership stand point. Members can be monitored and suggestions about site activity can be made from estuffx.net. I suppose you want me to say: "On rare occasions Estuffx.net can terminate a membership." A member of EstuffX.net agrees to maintain a respectable posture and conduct honest business.
Q: What if I change my mind and no longer what to do the web sales thing. Estuffx: I don't know why anyone would, but Estuffx guaranties your satisfaction. We send an invoice for $89.00 to you every month along with updates for a period of six months. If during that time you are not happy with all of it, simply stop paying! Your site will be recycled. At the end of six months, if you no longer need I.T. support, you pay only $24.00 per month, That $24.00 includes yahoo.com host and domain. The site is yours in the sense that if you wish to modify the script or change where it resides or hire a web designer to add pages not related to Estuffx you are always free to do that. It's your stuff you own it. Our control is EstuffX .net and the yahoo.com host and domain name.
Q: I read that I can advertise wholesale. What's that all about? Estuffx: One of the most endearing features of EstuffX is that a site owner has the freedom and independence of a web site and at the same time she is connected to all the others members who are buying and selling just as you are. There is every reason to believe that other members will be your customers just as you are theirs. Products get lots of attention that way and the community grows and owners learn what works. Part of "moving in" to your new site is to establish your profile with EstuffX.net. (Don't worry it's really easy, just a few clicks and a few words.) In that profile you offer special consideration items to others just as they do you. if someone including non-members want to list your items. They begin an email (more private) dialog with you.