Welcome !! You are about to see inside EstuffX

Own it all - Control it all -- your stuff - Estuffx

We believe you should be in control of all of your web sales. You OWN the software to run your site.

Build, Edit, Maintain, Sell, Collect, Communicate ...

Your Very Own Web Store. You can produce a hundred pages or as few as you like. The Software will not expire, you won't pay for it again.

We take care of everything. You simply move in. Link to your new site from an existing site or intro page or simply leave it as it is. EstuffX Comes with 6 months IT email support, hosting and updates.

Upload Images

Take pictures from your iphone or other camera, or create your own drawings, charts or graphs. Upload to your site with just a few clicks. Then view, select and tag for web pages. Simple! Fun!!

It's all about Images

Five images for each of your products. Your visitors simply mouse over to view, click to enlarge, Even zoom in to see the smallest detail.

Just A Few Clicks
More to Build Your Web Page

Beautiful, Well Orginized, Web pages for all of the stuff you want to sell describe / teach display or author. Web pages are generated with meta tags in place so search engines can index them index your own using buttons for categories.

Communicate With Site Visitors

Comunicate with your customers by way of your built in correspondance center. Customer Communications Builds Sales. Record and log your responses.

Manage Your Cart Activity and Invoice Logs

Watch real time activity. Manage your site and shopping cart activity. Log and record invoice to shipping processes.

Built in Shopping Cart to Invoice

Watch real time activity. Manage your site and shopping cart activity log and record invoice process. You'll even receive and email from your site telling you of invoice activity.

Your visitors can find the products

they are looking for with your the built in Search Engine. Type a word or two and your indexed pages appear.

Let All Site Visitors See Your Answers

Your customers see a clear way to communicate about products on your web site -- You Only Need to Answer Questions Once.