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A fresh, solid and scalable website for your products and information !

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Hello, my name is Laird Griffing. I believe the World Wide Web to be one of the most amazing advancement in human development. A virtual information universe so large, one can barely get their head around it. Your creations, your products, your information, your thoughts can be shared with the entire world if you so choose. In creating a web site for you, we both share in the vastness of cyber space localized to your interests.

Above are a few of the active sites I have created. They are displayed here for your reference. I believe in making full use of standard technologies to include: CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Perl ,PHP, Ajax and the like. Using these technologies we can include features in your web site like: Product search engine and customized shopping cart.

A solid, customizable, fresh web site for your business, your products, and your information.

We'll create your space in the cloud. You'll have your own host to support your cloud software and web presence. Oh! Did I forget to tell you? Your host will support business software that we will add as we go along, if you want. It's like having your own inhouse server except you don't have to maintain it. I'll explain all of that if I get the chance to talk to you.

Number 1 Art
Using your pictures, images and your text we'll construct this site for you. We won't use canned software to create your site unless you want us to. Written by hand, so to speak, your site can be updated and / or changed by any front end coder. That means: If you don't like us for any reason you can switch services without lost of time and money.

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This kind of architecture is a great beginning or addition! Recommended.

Best fit solutions are:
Company News Pages, Research Information
Product and Services Information and sales.
Also, personal sites are a big thing these days.

This site the one you are looking at is a very simple 'page-in-page' style including forward and back art arrows

(Extremely fast page switching.) and menu selection, as seen on the left. This style looks good on mobile devices too.

If interested Please call, or email or text   TEXT: 970.388.5466

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This may be the answer you've been looking for!!

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EstuffX is software that you own. Only you have privileges. EstuffX - the means to create your own e commerce site. Modify your product pages in real time without anyone to ask or to pay. Please take a look it could be just what you are looking for..

EstuffX, pronounced E stuff X is scripted functionality. That means all the programming is in scripts and can be modified by a programmer. Kinda like open source software that you own. Once purchased, you can change it to meet your needs.

EstuffX is commerce management software and includes complete control and monitoring functions including: Site visitor communications, shopping cart, Image catalog - for adding images to your pages, Simple Inventory Control, Invoicing, Order desk for 'over the phone orders.. ' Very simple templates for product display, and a lot more. In fact if you click 'buy now' you'll see EstuffX in action.

Buy Now!

Take a look at the some of the features of EstuffX
Inside EstuffX

Please Call

A few Questions and some Answers..
EstuffX Q and A

Thank you for looking at EstuffX

Welcome to I.C.E -- Instruction - Collaboration - Engineering

ICE produces a Linkable, Changeable, Interactive record of your work. And is all in the clouds.   BUY NOW

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From the author: I.C.E is the next step in social content creation and information sharing. I.C.E. has been designed to reside within your domain, your personal place in the cloud. Just like your web site.. You have the freedom to keep, edit, update, show, share or remove your content. It is your content after all.. When combined with the unique, personal image catalog, ICE is: feature rich, always works, reporting software. I'm am pleased to offer I.C.E to those who have something to say to the cloud.
  Thank you for considering I.C.E.  I.C.E. Image

ICE includes full images catalog software and is available right now.
You can read all about ICE in a sequence created by ICE. Please take a look at the kind of pages you will be creating.

Imagine being able to record your thoughts and ideas even vacations or biographies in the cloud. Say to friends and colleges "This is what I mean." and to share these ideas with whomever you choose. And your work never goes away. You can work from any web accessible device and get comments and feedback on each page.

Here is a sequence generated by ICE that I use to instruct the repair of a printer.. Click Here to see a linkable changeable, interactive, solid record of my work. Here is another example. This is an instructional I.C.E. on the use of hay probes. This is a product sold by UDY Corporation.

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Thank you to the users of ICE for letting us reference their ICE sequences.

Three times I have placed this here and twice I have removed it.

This is one mans opinion! I've decided to leave here for awhile.

Self Image You can build and change your web presents on your own, without anyones help. It's really not that expensive. If you don't know anything about it you can learn as easily as learning to use a spreadsheet.

I'd like to explain some of my thoughts regarding the web, it's functions, what it can do for you and how you can get it to do it. The first convolution of complex technology resides with the way we as users have been exposed to the web. None of it's bad, however, I would ask you, perhaps my client, to go a little further into the ideas they now hold about the web and it's value to you.

Here's an exaggeration of my point. Everyone wants to be at the top of the list in a search engine. And, they will spend a lot of money to do that. Because you believe all the things you have been told about being at the top of the list.. Before you concern yourself to much with that thought - read some of what I have to say. Search engines are effective when you want to get your information on the top of the heep. but a change is happening.. The search engines are dictating how your advertising money is spent and controlling the development of displayed content based on the premise that being at the top of their search engine is the only required ticket. This is forcing people to do things that cost more money than necessary to get the results they want. These search engines are not bad they just do what the are designed to do. It's working and they are making millions.

If you are trying to get the word out about a new or cool product that you believe in, by all means use search engines.. I'll find your product that way and I'll buy it if I believe like you.. .

People have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how you think so that they can sell you stuff that you don't want or really don't need. Or worse convence you that you do want it but the wanting only lasts for a little while. When you really didn't want it in the first place.. That's marketing. It's always been that way.. I tend to think of marketing as a thought process to snare it's pray. In this case you. I believe that this causes a decline in human values, and integrity. People scrambling to be a the top of the heap, so that they can convence you to give them your money, so that the can be noticed in their lives.. No problem really, I do it. but what if it could be different.

So how does all of this relate to your web presents.. 1. Lets be really honest to the best of our ability.. 2. rethink the stuff you see and hear.. don't be foolish, realize you are being taught to think a certain way. When making a decision ask yourself what am I doing this for and what results do I expect..

What is going on with web development these days, Everyone is struggling for dominance? I think, most business or civic minded people would like to concentrate their efforts on their work and interest. Having said that, I think it's reasonable to assume that those same people don't want to take the time to learn WEB technologies. I'll add that those same people know their field and do want to take advantage of world wide web and all that it offers toward their field of interest. I'm not talking about social media here, but really I am!!! Let me explain:

I wish you a pleasant holiday!

I.C.E -- Instruction - Collaboration - Engineering

ICE produces a Linkable, Changeable, Interactive record of your work. And is all in the clouds.
Back Arrow Number 1 Art I.C.E A really great cloud choice and a great way to communicate with the home office.
  You can own ICE for only $75.00   BUY NOW

You establish the host on and we install I.C.E. on it. This is the recommended method, as the Yahoo host becomes a platform for all your bushiness and personal software in the cloud. Very easy to set up, low cost about $5.00 per month you can do it right now. Get your site Now!

You are purchasing scripted functionality to be installed on your domain. I.C.E. will function as described or your money back.

Post Me with your I.C.E. interests and Questions.

Number 1 Art

More I.C.E.

If you are tech savvy, you may wish to offer your very own version of ICE.

Please call or post or email

 Number 1 Art

More I.C.E.

I.C.E adds your banner. Imagine every I.C.E. sequence you produce can also show your banner ad when the viewer selects INDEX on any page.

See Details

If you have questions or if you would just like to talk about possibilities or opportunities, please call my Cell Phone 970-388-5466. Please leave a message and I'll get right back to you. or you can text: 970-388-5466
email:   Or, if you prefer you can leave a post.

I.T. Services and Professional Cloud Products.

I would like to offer a different approach to your daily cloud activities.

Self Image I work to bridge the gap between your daily computer work and available technology. My current primary CGI programming language is Perl.

Scripts that live in the cloud!

I write and offer scripted functionality, like I.C.E and Estuffx and customized business software, like P.O.S systems that run entirely in a browser.. and company wide purchasing systems.I am available for your projects.

I work remotely from different parts of the country. I take direction and communicate via email, the web and via I.C.E     See I.C.E.

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Hire your very own programmer and I.T. service.

Network software can improve business efficiency. Please email, text or post me with any opportunity to be of service..

Text or voice: 970 388 5466

That's I.T.

Method of Services and Some Advantages.

Back Arrow Good news for the budget conscious!
  • Monthly billing after an advance. (This method works well for ongoing or undetermined projects)
  • Quoted projects, 50% advance. ( If over 10k, Bal if less )
  • All software is scripted. (open source) You are not locked in, as they say, to one programmer.
  • Project definition ( I am able to help will project criteria and time lines )
  • You can watch as it happens, see the continuous progress.
  • Project based. (You don't have to hire a full time programmer.)

A few questions and answers

What can I expect from these services?
Mostly all activity and results will be based on your direction. From a simple server software to I.T. support for your technical staff. Or a full featured cloud system.
How long will it take before something is usable?
The only way I can answer that is to say, it depends on the project.. However, having done this kind of work over the years, I can usually apply the necessary resources to accommodate timeline requirements.

Network image
For startups, small business and those just want to get moving.
Today you can network system information without great expense or equipment. With todays' increased bandwidth, very fast servers and inexpensive wireless routers, you can have networking in your company running in cloud. Also, for security purposes you may wish to share information within a local network. In-house servers file servers can be as inexpensive as a windows desktop.

How can I get in touch with you?

Laird Griffing -- 970.388.5466 This is my cell phone. Please leave message.
My email address is
Text: 970 388 5466

Thank you for your consideration

How can I get in touch with you?

Laird Griffing -- 970.388.5466 This is my cell phone. Please leave message.
My email address is
Text: 970 388 5466
or Post Me

Thank you for your consideration!

This Site Layout and Explanation

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Page-in-Page architecture means that when the main page loads, all of the data for subsequent pages load at the same time. This allows for keyword searches within your information, using JavaScript, without additional trips to the server. and alternate pages load very fast ( try it and see how fast the different pages load, from the menu and arrows.) Because they are already present, just not visible. On these pages, I have added JavaScript page fad-in for smoother transitions.

Web Design Art Page arrows group 'subject pages' together. Menu items offers visual subject index. Search is for primary and secondary information. Based on words related to subjects. try words like "electron" or "site".

How can I get in touch with you?

Laird Griffing -- 970.388.5466 This is my cell phone. Please leave message.
My email address is
Text: 970 388 5466
or Post Me

Thank you for your consideration!

Place your banner ad on I.C.E

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I.C.E is used by students, engineers, business. Just about everyone who wants to share page sequences. Your banner will get seen by the ever increasing number of I.C.E sequence viewers.
Your banner will be displayed 24 four hours a day, for as long as you want.

Contact us to create banners for you.. After you are on I.C.E. we'll create four banners for you. From there you select any ad you wish as often as you wish, even advertise for others. Simply click, and the banner changes automatically on every I.C.E. page your site has or will create. Show different products or services. If you wish to start a campaign, Estuffx will manage your ever changing banners. You only pay for additional changes.

How can I get in touch with you?

Laird Griffing -- 970.388.5466 This is my cell phone. Please leave message.
My email address is
Text: 970 388 5466
or Post Me

Thank you for your consideration!


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Learn Electronics the Easy Way Build the project - Play! Measure! Test and Enjoy. Sign up now and we'll send all the components and all the test equipment you'll need to learn this lesson. Take the class online, study anywhere. Learn quickly and enjoy the learning. Build the lesson and see it happen. Measure it and prove to your self the simple math works.

This is the easy and most important way to learn electronics. (You will be able to finish the entire lesson in three 1 hour sessions or less. )

You'll receive a link to ICE lessons, ICE is the online format. You'll also receive :

  • 1. Prototype bread board.
  • 2. 5 1/4 watt resistors.
  • 3. Some connection wire. (no soldering involved.)
  • 4. 9 volt battery and clip.
  • 5. L.E.D's
  • 6. VOM Volt Meter (VOM, measures DC and AC voltage and Resistance. Actual meter type may vary.
  • 7. Lesson link to online study.
  • 8. Plus a discount of $20.00 for the next lesson. PNP and NPN Transistors.

You'll learn the one fundamental constant about DC electricity and electronics.. OHMS law! The cost is only $175.00! An inexpensive investment in your career education. BUY NOW!

Note from the educator: I remember the excitement of learning the way things work. I'd arrange components in certain ways and be amazed at what was happening.. Mastering this field has been a constant joy throughout my working life.. And a great tool for getting things done. My wish is to share this life long joy with others. Take this class, go slow, enjoy the learning. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous life. Join the Community of People Learning Electronics.

How can I get in touch with you?

Laird Griffing --
My email address is
Text: 970 388 5466
or Post Me

Thank you for your consideration!